Chaldean Astrology

Chaldean Astrology has some unique characteristics about how the charts are read. I will list a few of them here.
  1. The placement of the earth in the chart.
  2. The use of the science of numbers.
  3. Aspects that make configurations.
  4. Key words are used.
  5. Key degrees are used.
  6. Critical degrees are used.
  7. The cusps of the houses are read.
  8. A double house system is used.

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When a Chaldean Astrology chart is done four charts are created and read. They consist of the solar, natal, progressed solar and progressed natal. We read the solar chart separately because quite a lot of very important information is found in it. It is the inner person it shows the parts of your personality that you have to express. It shows your development and how you deal with the outside world. The progressed solar shows how your personality is progressing, how you are presenting yourself to the outside world at the present time. If you don't know your birth time and a natal chart can not be done, a solar chart can offer quite a bit of insightful information. The natal chart on the other hand is your outer expression. It talks about the people, experiences, timing and changes in your life. The progressed natal talks about what is going on in your life at the present time. It can help determine timing for things you are planning to do.

I have had my own chart done several times over the years, and the readings were always very good. However it wasn't until I had my own chart done by Grandmother Berneice FallingLeaves that I was blown away by her accuracy. I have always been interested in astrology and it showed in my progressed chart that it would be a good time to pursue my interest. A class in Chaldean Astrology was already scheduled to be taught by one of her long time students, so I signed up for it. Because of various circumstances the original person could not teach the class so Grandmother Bernice FallingLeaves did it. She had already started to cut back on teaching, so it was a real gift for her to go ahead and teach the class. I have been studying Chaldean Astrology now for a number of years with my teacher Grandmother Bernice FallingLeaves. She has continued to follow our class with once a month classes of advanced teachings. She has been doing astrology herself for well over 25 years with 40,000+ charts to her credit. She also does Tarot and Hand Analysis readings.

Below you will find a list of astrology charts that I am offering and a credit card link to use if you would like to purchase a chart. Because the charts listed below are all hand done and I may already have a chart that I am working on please email me to find out when I will beable to start your chart. Once I start your chart it can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks before I will have it ready to mail to you. This style of astrology provides wonderful information for your personal and spiritual growth and awareness so I really believe it is worth the wait.

What I need to know from you in order to do your chart:
  1. Your birth month, day and year.
  2. Your time of birth.
  3. Your place of birth (City, State, Country).
  4. Where you live now, for the progressed charts to be done.

Here is a list of charts that I am offering at this time:

1. The Full Chaldean Astrology Chart Reading...$100.00 I have described this chart in the information above. You will receive your taped chart by mail. Please see note above for how long it might take to arrive.

2. Progressed Chart Reading...$60.00 This chart comes included in the full reading above. I can do this chart alone only if I have done a full four-chart reading for you sometime in the past. You will receive your taped chart by mail. Please see note above for how long it might take to arrive.

3. Solar Chart Reading...$70.00 I can do a solar chart reading for you if you do not know your birth time. Though it doesn't offer quite as much information as the full reading, it does offer some very insightful personal information that I believe would be very helpful to you. You will receive your taped chart by mail. Please see note above for how long it might take to arrive.

4. Hourary Question Reading...$25.00 The Hourary chart is a way to answer a question using astrology. It means question of the hour so I need to know the exact time and day that this question comes up for you as well as where you are at (city, state etc.). If you don't remember the time and day I have used the time and day the e-mail arrived to me with some good results. There are instances when the cusps or the placement of saturn says there is no answer or you asked to soon. I recommend that you e-mail the question to me before you pay so I can tell you whether the cusps indicate an answer and then you can go ahead and make the purchase. Please only serious questions and not for questions that require only a yes or no answer. I will e-mail the answer to your question to you. Once you have made the purchase I will get your answer to you as soon as possible, usually this is within 1 to 2 days.

Disclaimer to the Hourary question reading: I take no responsiblity for the outcome of any question answered by this method. It is not meant to take the place of professional inquires that you should make about your issue in question.

Please e-mail me using the link below to go to my contact page if you have interest in a chart or with any questions you have about Chaldean Astrology. I can also take your credit card payment so if you would rather not use Paypal just let me know.

This link will take you to my contact page.

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