A Healing Place can help you with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

Greetings, I am so very happy that you have found your way to A Healing Place. Please come in and have a look around.

Intuitive Energetic Healing, The One Command with Theta, Reiki, Cranial Sacral and Massage are powerful techniques that can assist you in healing on a physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual level. As a dedicated energy work practitioner, I offer my clients in-person healing sessions as well as distant healing by telephone. I also offer Chaldean Astrology chart readings that can help you understand yourself more and assist you in both your personal and spiritual healing and growth.

My objective is to be of service and help you on your path to wholeness. To learn more about healing sessions and the specific techniques I use in my practice, please see the links and information below. I welcome your questions and feedback about anything I have here on my site and wish you a wonderful visit.

Peace, Joy and Love...Linda

About Me - How I got started in healing work and a little bit about my background.

Chaldean Astrology - Information about my astrology services and ordering charts.

Contact Me - Information for contacting me by email or phone.

Links - To wonderful places on the web and link exchange information.

Reflections - Some things I would like to share.

Star Light Transformational Healing - Information about my healing services for in-person and distant healing clients.
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